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Final thought: I would consider this a very interesting book for a bible study or Sunday school study as it offers plenty of topics for discussion - topics that are both personal and spiritual all pointing to building a strong relationship with God.


 Christian Writer

"I have baked the cake, now it is time for you to sample it. However, this cake is not for eating, as it is a book about a wonderful woman called Victoria Sponge."

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New Edition ebook & paperback September 2016

Victoria Sponge, a well known cake? Wrong, a wife and mother of four children. Disorganized and chaotic, filled with obligations. Her best friend is God who shares with her His amazing love. From tripping over a hoover left in the hallway to discovering her son's desire to die because he is different, Victoria journeys through her own Lent. Giving up is not an option, but saying 'yes' to God each day is. Tragedy and comical events follow Vicki through her week, but does Victoria Sponge rise through all the messiness that life offers or does she sink?

How to Make Victoria Sponge
 is now in paperback as well as in ebook format.

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What a lovely surprise, a new review for my book How to make Victoria Sponge on Amazon by a gentleman called James.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Remarkable, original, life affirming.
By James
Format: Paperback
What a remarkable and enriching book - engaging, practical, funny, sad, powerful and poignant. It's structure and immediacy hooked me at once - I'd not read anything quite like it before. An entirely original way of writing about family, faith, and meaning.